Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink flamingo valentine

I am fascinated by real pink flamingoes. But our family has had running jokes about the plastic yard art kind for years. I love to tease my big brother because he has one or two, and loves them, and proudly displays them in his yard!

He got me back one year, though, by having DOZENS of plastic pink flamingoes set up in our yard special for my Birthday. What a sight to wake up and have a huge flock of them in my yard!

Doesn't compare, but this Valentine card is headed his way.

A stitched string art style Valentine card. Inspired by this fun pattern:

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  1. what a great card! i love that you share this flamingo thing with your brother... :-) I'm sure it'll bring a smile to his face. xoxo

  2. I'm grinning at the image of your yard filled with plastic pink flamingos. What a fun card to send your brother :)