Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zentangle challenge #63

Go here to learn more about the weekly Zentangle challenge. I am still new to Zentangle and feel like every week I learn about a pattern that will be my favorite one. This week's pattern is my newest favorite! "Fengle" is really fun to draw. It is so fast and fluid with fantastic results. I think it will really help me loosen up. I tend to hold the pen so tight. I prefer grid type patterns. The more organic flowing designs are much harder for me. But I know the more I practice they will get easier. So far this week I have been drawing Fengles on everything: post it notes, to do lists, backs of envelopes, and meeting notes!

Here's my son's addition. He tends to see flowers and ninja weapons in his Fengles!

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  1. Your fengles are fa(e)ntastic! So fun to tangle with your son!

  2. I can certainly agree with the ninja weapons :)

    Leaving the background virtually clear means the movemnt of the Fengle really shines. Brilliant!

  3. like stars in the sky..so pretty!