Sunday, March 18, 2012

Altered Cereal Boxes :)

I love using cereal boxes to practice and hopefully help improve my artistic skills. I just unfold the box and cover the back with acrylic craft paint (white in this case). Then once the base coat is dry add whatever colors you like in any pattern. Then once that is dry, add some designs with a black permanent marker. You could use them for inexpensive artwork and hang it on the wall. Then as your skills improve or your tastes change it is easy to take them down and replace it with something else.

You could put them in a group - framed or not. So fun, easy, and inexpensive!

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  1. i love the idea of practicing on cereal boxes. I am going to start saving boxes for my kids to use in this way. They will love it! Your colors are fantastic. I love the pop of hot pink and they looks great in a group. Visiting from CED!

  2. Beautiful work! That's a great idea to use cereal boxes as a base for painting. I use to use the boxes as Artist Trading Card bases, and they worked very well. Liked the reuse aspect as well.