Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zentangle #60

This week's challenge was to use just two Tangle patterns: Cirquital and Munchin.

 I had to practice these patterns quite a bit, before doing my tile. I am happy with what I ended up with. I think it does need more contrast, but I wanted to stop before I added too much.

When any of you first started did you ever have any of those moments when you thought, "Wow, I drew that?!"

That's happened to me some this year with the discovery of Zentangles. And this week while practicing the cirquital pattern I discovered by accident that extending the "arms" just past the circle border that I could make it look like they were wrapped around the orb. Such a fun AHA! moment.

We are also saying prayers of Thanksgiving after coming through the violent storms yesterday without any damage. We are in the middle Tennessee area and had several bad storm cells skirt around us. Our heart and prayers go out to any that were affected.

Until next week!
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  1. Nice job, I do like the way your Cirquital is hugging the orb!

  2. I am a Tennessee gal too. Glad you are okay. Oh I hate this time of year. Your tangle is beautiful! Great job!

  3. That "Wow! I drew that?" feeling is one of the reasons I love tangling! Great job on the challenge. I especially like how you extended out the cirquital arms.

  4. Nice clean lines. very nice.

  5. That extension gives the cirquital so much character, I love it. Your practice gave us a wonderful example of what can be done with these to patterns!

  6. Love those AHA moments! You did a great job with cirquital - very nice! I've had lots of AHA and WOW moments with Zentangling - that's a big part of the draw! (ha, ha)