Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zentangle weekly challenge #75

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This week we were to use the pattern called cadent and even try different variations of it. I didn't come up with any new variations but did have fun with it. It's a great pattern to use.

Here's my first tile. The square cadets are falling out of formation!

And here's just a fun zentangle inspired tile filled in with colored pencils.

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  1. The first tile is so fantastic with the falling cadent and shading. The second is lovely in color!

  2. Nice tiles. I especially like the second one. I have a love for color.

  3. These colors are wonderful! It would make a beautiful card.

  4. Your Cadent squares remind me of scrabble tiles. Like the first one but always love color.

  5. Like your tiles very much!

    Annemarie Huijts

  6. Love your tiles. I like the falling cadent in the first and the color in the second.

  7. nice - i like the pink! the yellow ones down the side scroll together so well - great job!

  8. I love the falling squares idea! The colored pencil tile is lots of fun!