Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zentangle weekly Challenge #66

I'm glad to participate in the Diva's zentangle challenge this week. I hope things are getting back to her normal around their house! I did do a bit of tangling last week but really missed having Laura's direction and inspiration and getting to look at all the other entries. Thanks again for hosting, Laura. I have certainly been hooked this year, and ha, that's longer than I usually can stick to anything!

On to this week's challenge, to use auras. Read all about it here:

I used the patterns Eyehook, Dansk, Crescent moon, and sort of a Tipple for a little filler. It's not my favorite tile but I did want to go ahead and have something to post this week. I will definitely be practicing some more and try to add some auras to other tangle patterns.

If you have another minute, here's a fun music video I stumbled on this week. I think you will like the visual effects!

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  1. i want to try this eyehook! it looks like a lot of fun to draw - hopefully! and your dansk looks like a giant fingerprint - pretty cool!

    1. Eyehook was just featured on tangle patterns . com
      the variations look really cool, much better than my squiggles here :), but definitely a fun pattern

  2. Rebecca, your tipple looks like a pebbled pathway into a very mysterious place! Conjures up a sense of an of Alice in Wonderland-type adventure.

  3. What a lovely tile, I agree with you, zentangling has kept my interest longer than a year and I am never one who stays in an area for long. I guess there is just a joy that comes with tangling!